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by Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, Orgone Generator®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."  In 1991, I invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later I invented a very effective material that accumulates life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana), and I called this material orgonite®.

Any type of Magick known to us can be explained easily as being a Technology,
and this Technology is based on the science of Life Force, or Orgone Energy!
You certainly can use your Orgone Generator® to help you achieve more powerful and reliable results

    towards Self-Improvement
       when practicing Sports, Fitness, Body Building or to help others
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                    to Achieve the Overall Success you always wanted
                        And Much More !!!
It certainly is important that you get involved in this extremely easy to master technology before your competitor or opponent decides to do so. In fact,

It's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid
back and relax while you expect assured success!

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01 Introduction to Magic of the Future / Home Page
02 my intentions with magic of the future
03 many approaches based on cultural backgrounds
04 about scientific theories
05 action at a distance or magic or the future, as a science
06 science and traditions
07 Six case scenarios of magical operations
08 the importance of structural links in magic of the future
09 the importance of life energy in magic of the future
10 no life without magic or action at a distance
11 life energy misunderstood
12 reversed entropy, a characteristic of life energy

13 turning abstractions into permanent trend energies
14 how to feel and see life energy
15 how to direct life energy to objects
16 how to project life energy to persons
17 how to generate life energy
18 laws of life energy
19 more about structural links and life energy
20 the cattle prodder experience
21 identical and near-identical structural links
22 symbolic representations as structural links
23 distances as results of structural differences
24 experiments involving structural linkages
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A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented the orgone accumulator, which were devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings, until saturated.
In 1991, I invented the Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®, Prana Generator®), wich is a device that actually generates life force and it does so continuously, raiating out this energy, and this was a first in known human history!  One year later, in 1992, I invented a new material that attracts and accumulates life force much more powerfully than the Reichian alternating layers of organic and metallic materials, and I called this material orgonite®.

tree of life1.  Welcome

to this new publication, which is an introduction to the technologies of Action at a Distance, or AAD.  I like to call it Magic of the Future for reasons, which I am going to explain in a few minutes!
In other words, this is not just another introduction into what most people think is "magic" nor has it much to do with the run off the mill book of "magic" where at first you find some talk about what the author thinks is the spirituality of magic, then maybe somewhere between pages 10 and 20 the tree of life, and after that some quite elaborate descriptions of rituals, magical sigils, or symbols, magical chants, magical ceremonials, and so on.
Magic existed long before the invention of the tree of life or any other esoteric system, secret or otherwise.  In fact, secrecy, as practiced by many magical or esoteric lodges and religious groups quite often is a very effective method of brainwashing followers into rigid principles of some pre-conceived and improvable doctrines and at the same time making them believe that the typically very limited set of instructions and knowledge that they offer is the ultimate wisdom.   And quite naturally this type of approach does not just happen in so-called spiritual circles, as I am going to point out later.
In fact, most of the powerful magicians on our planet do not even know the tree of life. Such "lack of knowledge" does not inhibit their power at all.  It does this as little now as it did in the past, long before the invention of the tree of life, which is but a relatively primitive attempt to explain the vast set of human experiences.  An explanation, which evolved according to the mode of thinking prevalent during the time when this model was created, namely the middle ages.  At the same time, though, this model can be a very powerful method when used magically.  The problem only arises if such “universal symbolisms” are understood as mappings with the help of which one can explain “all there is.”  Such an approach, in fact, is just as primitive as is the approach of so-called “modern physicists,” who assume that they can explain “all there is” based on one type of energy they know relating to time and the never-proven assumption that the laws of physics are the same throughout the universe.  In fact, we are going to work with several known forms of energy – and I am making the assumption now there are many more forms of energy, and primitive humans simply are not even aware them yet, cannot be aware of them.

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My intention with this publication is to teach you much more than what most people think of “magic” and furthermore
(1) To show you that action at a distance is a way of interacting with the environments, not more and not less, and as such it is a characteristic of just about all living beings as we know them.  The word "distance" refers here to characteristics of electromagnetic energy.  Many persons, present and past, like and liked to use the word “magic” when referring to this kind of AAD, and for this reason I have decided to call this course “magic of the future.”
(2) to make you aware of the fact that most of us have been “educated” out of skills that we naturally possess, and, most importantly,
(3) that this AAD, or call it “magic,” if you like so, is extremely easy to acquire, or re-acquire.  Not years or decades, as some of those “secret (oc)cult lodges” with their religious approach try to convince their followers, but a mere few weeks.  Moreover, during these few weeks you are gaining the evidence as you practice, and there certainly there will be no requirement to follow “secret doctrines,” to become members of some religious outfit, of some “secret order” or the like, or to go through some pathetically strange cult-initiation rituals. 
This means that the main focus of this course is on practical experience and easy to understand theories, or mappings, which then naturally can lead you effortlessly to new and increasingly powerful methods as you are practicing action at a distance, for the purpose of helping others and, most importantly, to put your own destiny into the best possible hands, which are your own, of course! 
I am talking about methods of which many of these “orders” or other cults, religious outfits and the like never have even been aware … this unawareness being a result of their restrictive and limited setups. – You can call them LLC’s –ludicrously-limited-cults.

Before I go into the main subject of this course, a small note, and you may well skip it and continue with the next video:
As far as this and other systems are concerned, the purpose of which is the explanation of things that exist, especially when laying claims of being capable of explaining it all, I have to say the following:
For millennia there were humans who made serious attempts of explaining all that they perceive and to correlate it all.  Most of them thought that with their primitive thinking combined with a few tools they can explain all there is, and this includes many scientists, ancient and modern ones, as well as “wise ones” who “channeled” such wisdom – and this “channeled wisdom” usually was suspiciously similar and close to the religious system into which those “wise ones” were born – something being a derivative of the respective system.  In a similar way, scientific structures relate well to the socio-economic-cultural background and related linguistic structures into which the scientists were born. 
Whenever their mappings proved to be useful, technologies were expanded and some times even new technologies emerged.  Usefulness, though, is a far cry from the “absolute truth” which the persons, who are proffering such mappings, claimed over and over again.
What I am going to present in the following is a modern mapping of magic, which I am putting on a scientific basis.  It has already proven its usefulness, because I could derive a vast amount of new methods from it.  At the same time I am hoping it will be replaced soon by something new and more useful.
Quite often there is talk about some “objective truth” which is then rooted in primitive human principles of abstracting and relating abstractions to each other, which are perceived by the people proffering such things as something “absolute.”  On a lower level this is Aristotelian thinking, and on a more advanced level non-Aristotelian thinking or general semantics.
Well, being a human as well, I am using such methods, but I am well aware that usefulness and not a claim of being capable of explaining it all is the goal.  This means, that, when developing one or more theories or mappings, the natural development of new technologies or methods of interacting with our environments and some type of being comprehensive in explaining things around us should be an important consequence.

... and something I added 12-28-2015

What is Magic?

Is it a collection of spiritual skills on a basis of one or more of the many quite different religious mythologies?

Or is it a potential beginning of or a gate to brand new technologies on a basis of a scientific understanding of life force and structural links, or can it even be a combination of both sometimes?

After all, collective placebo effects certainly can end up being useful objective realities.

Most people when talking about “magic” they are thinking of it as something esoteric, spiritual, religious and the like, while, in fact, it is based on science: science of energies in general and science of life force in particular: the science of action at a distance and perception as a distance as well as many other technologies, which evolved from this approach.

In fact, in “olden times” thunder and lightening were also considered “spiritual” and miraculously produced by “gods of thunder” and so were other things which later were recognized as very natural phenomena and explained by scientific approaches, and based on such approaches many new technologies did evolve, some of which we enjoy very much, and of which the people of the past who originally had started the scientific approach had not the slightest idea. In fact, such a type of scientific and technical evolution happened almost immediately after I could explain scientifically magic and other functions that up to now were - and still are - explained by most people as “divine, spiritual, esoteric, new agey” and what not.

In fact, after having recognized the many phenomena and approaches of life force as applied science that uses natural energies, almost immediately new methods could be developed. Of course this is something that the many popes of esoteric approaches do not like at all and they condemn it as “of the devil” and the like!  After all, those folks make money based on their rigid spiritual explanations.

Think of thunder and lightening - and the understanding and technology of electricity came in part from this basis, as did later a lot of electric machineries, all the way to computers, space travel and more.

And now just imagine how far technologies can go as a result of understanding many of those “esoteric functions” of life force, such as, but not limited to, perception at a distance and action at a distance, and from there is just a small step to texting with no need of network or amplifiers, to gravity machines, to teleportals, not just for travelling by way of teleportals, but also to pull “free energy” from powerful sources such as the Sun or drawing minerals directly from asteroids, with no need to physically go there, ... and much much more!   Thise were just a few rather primitive examples of what we can expect, and I am certain there’s stuff out there that I cannot even think about yet: similar as people who in the past started building electric and other power machinery based on scientific understanding could not even think about computers back then, about fun with computer games, about refrigerators, about nuclear energies, about TV and other methods based on this EMF knowledge: technologies and machinery used in our times, some of it already sort of antiquated.

I consider my scientific approach still primitive and I hope it will be obsolete some time: the sooner the better, because this in fact is the motor of technological and scientific progress!

For first approaches, personal ones, being aware of all of this is sufficient.

Start with known methods and be immediately aware that it is technology. Then very soon you can proceed to much more advanced methods and technologies than many of the “eso-popes” or “spiritual leaders and guides” want you to know and believe in!

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