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Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."  In 1991, I invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later I invented a very effective material that accumulates life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana), and I called this material orgonite®.
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01 Introduction to Magic of the Future / Home Page
02 my intentions with magic of the future
03 many approaches based on cultural backgrounds
04 about scientific theories
05 action at a distance or magic or the future, as a science
06 science and traditions
07 Six case scenarios of magical operations
08 the importance of structural links in magic of the future
09 the importance of life energy in magic of the future
10 no life without magic or action at a distance
11 life energy misunderstood
12 reversed entropy, a characteristic of life energy

13 turning abstractions into permanent trend energies
14 how to feel and see life energy
15 how to direct life energy to objects
16 how to project life energy to persons
17 how to generate life energy
18 laws of life energy
19 more about structural links and life energy
20 the cattle prodder experience
21 identical and near-identical structural links
22 symbolic representations as structural links
23 distances as results of structural differences
24 experiments involving structural linkages
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Symbolic Representations as Structural Links

Sometimes the magicians and other practitioners of our times are using the label "symbolic representation" when talking about equivalent structures, and radionics “experts” are using the label “radionic rates” or “frequencies.” With this they mean something that represents persons, groups, events, or specific forms of energy, or entities.
An old assumption of many magicians and other practitioners of AAD is the following: If you have the true name of something (such as a spirit), then you have control over it. As a consequence of this hypothesis many magicians, priests and practitioners have developed mantras of power, i.e., phonetic expressions that connect with specific entities or with specific action. Experience has taught those practitioners how they can call specific energies (entities) into action. A mantra, or "true name," of course, is an equivalent structure.

Equivalent structures may vary depending on the circumstances, the cultural background, the specific traditional system of AAD and the specific symbolism or design system used. The most frequent bases of equivalent structures are graphical outlines (magicians are using the label “sigils”), sounds (mantras and, of recent, sound pitches), dance forms, special mixtures of incenses, dolls, astrological chart representations, radionics settings, and symbolism such as Runes and the Tarot. In this previous description of equivalent structures, we have recognized another important factor: The matrix of the equivalent structure. This matrix is any structure (such as a set of symbols as in the Tarot) that the magician may arrange to establish a structural link.
Many of these matrices are or a type, which we can label "artificial" ones. That means that humans established them according to their belief systems. Although such matrices are excellent, they are not an absolute need for AAD in general.
The zodiac is a good example for a natural matrix. Its settings (planetary positions) at a specific time determine the characteristics of a human being that is born under these settings. In a more generalized effect, astrological positions establish a field of connections with energies of a higher order. This energy field establishes the trends that influence the action of everything in its realm. We will come back to this later and we will show how we can generate our own astrological trends with relative ease, especially when we use a Chi Generator® for this purpose.
The connection of equivalent structures with the target or with energy of a higher order (spirit, entity, etc.) results from the functioning of our brains, from our power to abstract. This is especially true when we use letters of the alphabet or numbers as elements of such an equivalent structure. Our mind recognizes some object as a general matrix for an equivalent structure (a "universe") and then establishes the specific setting of the matrix that ensures contact with the target.  This has some tremendous importance in advanced methods of projecting life energy.
From a technological point of view, we have available a wide spectrum of equivalent structures that range from pure visualization or imagining (mental images) over the making of sigils, the use of natural structural links such as incenses, oils and herbs, all the way to the near identical structural links.
The radionic device is an excellent example of a system of equivalent structures that are totally arbitrary. But then again some of the symbolism, alphabets, sound systems, etc., are arbitrary bases as well.
It seems that if, with our minds, we decide that something represents the universe as we perceive it or prefer to perceive it - or that we declare as being something symbolizing the universe (or the totality of our environment), and then we can devise partial systems of it that represent the elements of this universe. For instance if we decide that the radionic box represents the human body, then we can determine a system of settings (the radionics term for setting is rate, or “frequency”) that represent the various parts and sub systems of the body.

Equivalent structures are the result of conventions. The capability of our minds to generate structural linkage is at the very root, or basis, of the functioning of equivalent structures. On the other hand, we can get a good linkage with a near identical structure (such as a hair) and then develop a system of equivalent structures (rates) for the body from which the hair is coming and its specific systems. If a person using astrology (collective placebo effect) does not have the linkage of the hair, then the setting for the liver may also bring in zodiacal energies that correlate to the liver (Jupiter energies in this case).

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