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Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
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Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."  In 1991, I invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later I invented a very effective material that accumulates life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana), and I called this material orgonite®.
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Magic of the Future for Everyone, Results for Everyone!!! (Catalog)

01 Introduction to Magic of the Future / Home Page
02 my intentions with magic of the future
03 many approaches based on cultural backgrounds
04 about scientific theories
05 action at a distance or magic or the future, as a science
06 science and traditions
07 Six case scenarios of magical operations
08 the importance of structural links in magic of the future
09 the importance of life energy in magic of the future
10 no life without magic or action at a distance
11 life energy misunderstood
12 reversed entropy, a characteristic of life energy

13 turning abstractions into permanent trend energies
14 how to feel and see life energy
15 how to direct life energy to objects
16 how to project life energy to persons
17 how to generate life energy
18 laws of life energy
19 more about structural links and life energy
20 the cattle prodder experience
21 identical and near-identical structural links
22 symbolic representations as structural links
23 distances as results of structural differences
24 experiments involving structural linkages
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Structural Links

A radionics expert once stated that radionics is part of ceremonial magic. He considers the tuner a solidified thought form and the rates representing agreements with some type of subtle nature spirits.
I can agree with such an animistic approach. In the old times, people thought of lightning being a "god," thunder being another “god” directed by the god of lightning, etc.  In fact, they considered practically all natural phenomena, even the planetary energies, as being anthropomorphic gods, i.e., gods that typically like humans. Still in our days most people have a concept of a gaseous mammal above the clouds, usually bearded and of the male sex who "made it all" with "his" hands.  In some ways, I consider this approach as objective as the science I am teaching.  My principle of tolerance is that there are more objective realities than living beings in the universe, and that’s quite a few.  I have based this principle on my perception of any factual basis as an under defined system of equations, as mentioned already before. 

At some point in human history, natural scientists began to develop models that were less anthropomorphic on the one hand and tree of lifenaturally more useful on the other. From such expansion of scientific concepts, they developed new technologies.
Some people may be quite correct if they say that cars are gods that transport us; provided that we appease them with some liquid called gasoline and that we know how to touch them correctly.
It is okay for humans to satisfy themselves with an animistic approach. With this approach, they are able to use some techniques of magic, shamanism, Wicca and radionics, provided that they follow the “correct tradition" (which means religious tradition) that tells them how to do what.
We have another, more useful, option. We can begin to analyze procedures of Action at a Distance, magical and radionic procedures in scientific terms. That's exactly what we have begun to do in the previous lessons. Naturally, we will find soon that a structural approach has infinitely more potential than the old animistic model could ever offer. Such approach will prove to be more useful in many respects. Above all, it will lead us to an understanding of any AAD, including religious practices, shamanism, magic and radionics: an understanding, which can easily rid us from the straitjacket of stale traditions. At the same time such an approach, or understanding, will allow vibrant creativity to expand our powers of AAD to levels that traditionalists are incapable of conceiving.

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