Magic of the Future -- A Practical Guide to Action at a Distance
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Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."  In 1991, I invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later I invented a very effective material that accumulates life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana), and I called this material orgonite®.
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Magic of the Future for Everyone, Results for Everyone!!! (Catalog)

01 Introduction to Magic of the Future / Home Page
02 my intentions with magic of the future
03 many approaches based on cultural backgrounds
04 about scientific theories
05 action at a distance or magic or the future, as a science
06 science and traditions
07 Six case scenarios of magical operations
08 the importance of structural links in magic of the future
09 the importance of life energy in magic of the future
10 no life without magic or action at a distance
11 life energy misunderstood
12 reversed entropy, a characteristic of life energy

13 turning abstractions into permanent trend energies
14 how to feel and see life energy
15 how to direct life energy to objects
16 how to project life energy to persons
17 how to generate life energy
18 laws of life energy
19 more about structural links and life energy
20 the cattle prodder experience
21 identical and near-identical structural links
22 symbolic representations as structural links
23 distances as results of structural differences
24 experiments involving structural linkages
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My intentions with this publication, "Magic of the Future,"

are to teach you much more than what most people think and expect of “magic” and furthermore
(1) To show you that action at a distance is a way of interacting with the environment, not more and not less, and as such it is a characteristic of just about all living beings as we know them.  Many persons, present and past, like and liked to use the word “magic” when referring to this kind of AAD, and for this reason I have decided to call this course “magic of the future.”
(2) to make you aware of the fact that most of us have been “educated” out of skills that we naturally possess, and, most importantly,
(3) that this AAD, or call it “magic,” if you like to, is extremely easy to acquire, or re-acquire.  Not years or decades, as some of those “secret occult lodges” with their religious approach try to convince their followers, but a mere few weeks.  Moreover, during these few weeks you are getting the evidence as you practice, and there will certainly be no requirement to follow “secret doctrines,” to become members of some religious outfit, “secret order” or the like, or to go through some pathetically strange initiation rituals. 

This means that the main focus of this course is on practical experience and easy to understand theories, or mappings, which then naturally can lead you effortlessly to new and increasingly powerful methods as you are practicing action at a distance, for the purpose of helping others and, most importantly, to put your own destiny into the best possible hands, which are your own, of course!  I am talking about methods of which many of these “lodges, orders” or other cults, religious outfits and the like never have even been aware … this unawareness being a result of their restrictive and limited setups.

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